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| Log Home Design | by: Matt Herrick | photos: James Ray Spahn | styling: Colleen Macomber

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900 square foot log cabin
The cabin is low to the ground and snuggled in among the pines and aspen, a humble lookout post facing the Continental Divide on the horizon. Maybe because a ghost town is just one mile away, James decided to go with a Cabot’s bleaching stain on the exterior “to weather it down to a gray so it would look natural.” Natural like a sun-bleached rack of ribs. The blue standing seam metal roof nearly disappears into the sky. The periwinkle blue window trim provides a bit of levity to the humble home.

deck on mountain bluff
James calls this deck the “listening point.” You’d get there by walking about 300 to 400 yards through the woods to a south-facing bluff on a rock formation. “I built this deck to sit down and be quiet and listen to the wind and birds,” he says. Because he doesn’t appreciate obstructed views but wanted to contain any accidents, he strung metal cables between the corner posts. The deck is 100 square feet, constructed of the same composite decking as the main porch.

inside the rustic cabin
“We’ve got the elk antlers up there, one of the most gorgeous things God ever created,” James says of the wall decoration above the dining table. To build the shelving above the kitchen windows and cabinets, he went purchased scrap wood from a local saw mill. He found old spike like what you might find in the gold mines and coated each with iron oxide for a rustic finish. He drove the spikes into the log walls to hold up the slab shelving. A unique feature in the kitchen is the roll-away butcher block top island, which James built by adding the block top and locking caster wheels to a double set of standard cabinets. “It gives us the opportunity to move things around and create extra space.” The blue, red and green cabinets help to define the kitchen space from the great room.

paneled wood ceiling
The great room wall is finished with a russet coat, and you also get a good view of a money-saver in this shot. “Those look like purlins,” James says, “but they’re bogus.” Building codes prevented James from using Douglas fir log or timber purlins, so he went with an 18-inch thick plywood rafter. Above the antique secretary’s desk (back center) is a 1906 map of the mining claims in Clear Creek County, Colorado, which Deborah gave to James as a gift. The rug was another gift, from his sister who bought it while visiting Afghanistan to teach locals skills in midwifery. Over the log coffee table is draped a Navajo weaving. James visited Afghanistan himself in 1971, and a host of countries since.

bedroom french doors
Two old bent cane chairs face the pertiest view out of the Isle Royal Lode gold mine. “I wanted a sunset view and that’s what this cabin is all about,” James says. “We have a 170-degree view looking due west at the Continental Divide.” The windows and French doors were custom made by Bergerson Cedar Wood Windows and Doors. The decking is a composite lumber that would stand up to harsh and extreme environmental conditions.

glass enclosed shower
To give the feeling of more space in the cabin’s only bathroom, the shower is enclosed in glass. Builder Peter Schmidtmann of Vertical Construction tiled the sheet rock wall (out of view) and waterproofed the log walls, “So you can feel the whole space of the log,” James says. The floor is slate tile laid on top of carbonized plastic sheeting that, when plugged into an outlet, warms the tiles. The windows are trimmed in standard pine.

Read more: The 900 Square Foot Cabin

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By Patricia on May 29, 2008
Oh, give me a home where the mountain lions roam, and the deer and the elk come to call!

Just beautiful. I'd move in in a flash.

Thank you so much.

By CHARLES COOKE on May 29, 2008

By Janie Luten on May 30, 2008
This is exactley the log home that my husband and I hope to build soon

By Rajesh Chaturvedi on May 30, 2008
Hi ,

Can I have the budgetary prices for this model and construction period with tentative shipping time to India.

By Pilar Taniguchi on May 30, 2008
What is the price for a house like this?

By Janie Luten on May 31, 2008
Please email me with the prices for this model. I really appreciate it.

By John Rand on May 31, 2008
I'm about to move into my log cabin and have a problem with a bathtub next to full round eastern white pine. I was told that if I put glass in front of the logs (to stop shower water) there will be a mold problem. What was done for the shower in the 900 square foot cabin? Can I Verithane the logs? Please advise.
John Rand

By Gloria Rickman on Jun 01, 2008
I wouod think this home would be cost effective. What is hte estimated finished cost of this attractive design.
Thank you and Be Blessed,

By on Jun 03, 2008
do you sell plans to this cabin, is it built to code for cripple creek.
Thank You

By on Jun 16, 2008
THIS IS PERFECT! Beautiful! I have been looking to build a "house" for my Dad so he can be with me on my 7 acres. I just might build one for him and one for me! If I contact Montana Timber will I be able to obtain this design? Since it looks like it maybe on an alaskan slab, where did you place your HVAC, H2o heater & H2o main shut offs? What are the dimensions and does the 900 include the loft? Have a blessed day! Tara

By Floyd Blalhy on Jun 21, 2008
My neighbor has a small new getaway cabin, but the craftsmanship is not nearly as good. I can see that the chinking and details are superb. Could you please refer me to the builder? I would like to get a square footage price.
Floyd & Tara - Boulder

By Anonymous on Jul 11, 2008
by ed mahler on July 11, 2008. thanks for putting so much charm and warmth into just 900 sq. ft. great work! With admiration, Ed mahler, would like to hear from you. Thank you, Ed.

By Mary in Gilbert, AZ on Aug 07, 2008
We're dreaming of a cabin in the Colorado mountains too. Your view is fantastic. I love the master bedroom and your deck with the view of the valley and mountains beyond. I also love the colors you used in the kitchen. I'm curious - do you have a well, or do you have to haul your water?

By Martha Litton on Aug 10, 2008
outstanding, I just love it! Great job, good look.

By on Aug 12, 2008
This home has a well as it's source of water.

By Ann Shepard on Aug 12, 2008
I tried to find a floor plan for this, but was unable to find it on the site. My son is wanting to build a small, personal cabin on the back part of my farm in middle TN & this would be great for that purpose. really like this model.

By on Aug 13, 2008
Ann, the floor plan is in the lead article at the bottom:

By CHRIS WATKINS on Sep 04, 2008
please email me with prices for this plan, thanks

By Karen Walldorf on Sep 20, 2008
I too am interested in purchasing the plans and seeing the pricing for building this house. We have a spot out in South Fork where we are looking for something reasonably sized to build. We would also hope to put it over a basement if possible. Please email me - Thanks!

By peggy klemme on Feb 08, 2009
please email me with the cost of just the shell of this home.........thank you......have a blessed day........

By on Feb 09, 2009
You will need to contact the company directly:


By Joan Grandmont on Nov 01, 2010
I have tried to preview the 900 square foot cabin plans - just the basic plans - but it won't open on my computer. Can someone send me the basic plans so I can preview them for a client? Also - has this plan been replicated in a larger cabin style? Will it meet code in Canada? Thank you! Appreciate this site. Joan

By Whitney Richardson on Nov 03, 2010
Joan--Unfortunately, we do not have the files to send you. You will need to contact the log producer, Montana Timber Structures (406-961-4469;, for the plans as well as the additional information regarding modifications and building codes.

By SCOTT ZOVAR on Jan 07, 2011

By Danielle Taylor on Jan 14, 2011
For information about floor plans, pricing, etc., contact Montana Timber structures by calling 406-961-4469 or visiting

By Estelle Dahl on Dec 31, 2011
The perfect size, and lovingly done! Absolutely marvelous, this is exactly what a true *cabin* should be, not a log McMansion!! I have the same basic floorplan with cathedral ceiling and loft, only even smaller at 640 sq. feet, and it works extremely well.

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